4 Pet Grooming Tips

Pet Grooming

Once you have left the spa and realized your pet had not been groomed properly, the option you have is to return and get it done well. The new haircut might look just right, but the flaws might become apparent only when you bathe them in the evening. It is important that you look for the details and pay attention to what is being done so that your canine companion doesn’t end up looking anything like you wished for. Even when your dog has had the best haircut, you need to be heedful of the growing hair. It would take only less than two weeks for the fur to regrow. Grooming them always need not be a task exclusively for the spa; you can also do it if you are patient. Here are a few tips to help you groom your dog to make them look the best.

1.      Brush Their Coats Regularly

All debris and dirt can be removed from the dog’s hair by brushing it regularly. All these residual items and dead hair can produce unpleasant odors. Removing them from their body will keep their skin healthy and clean. Natural oils are distributed over their body when you do so, and this would make their coat shinier. The grooming sessions will be easier if you brush them properly every day by eliminating tangling and matting. Using a metal comb to get down to the skin will help locate the matts that might be taking form from beneath the hair. Make sure to do it after brushing. Proceed gently without hurting your pet’s sensitive skin.


2.      Brush Their Teeth

Waiting for the spa visit to clean your pets’ teeth is a bad idea, as their mouths would reek of food. It is vital that you brush their teeth regularly to keep them healthy and prevent the mouth from giving out pungent smells. Toothpaste made for dogs must be used; make it a point to avoid the ones you use since those products could make them sick. A rubber finger brush or a child’s toothbrush would be the ideal option to clean their teeth. Dental sprays and chew treats will also be helpful if you find it hard to brush their teeth every day.


3.      Trim Their Nails

Dog’s nails grow quickly, like in humans. Trimming is surely required and would be due within less than three weeks for more breeds. It is better not to allow the nails to grow beyond a point where it can tear through human flesh with a mere touch. It can be one of the hardest tasks to get done with. If you have tried trimming their nails and are not comfortable doing it, try taking them to the nearest spa.


4.      Clean Their Ears

Many dog owners fail to clean the ears of their pets when bathing them. Frequent cleaning is required for dogs with longer and heavier ears that flap over their ear canal. Try cleaning their ears each time after swimming.

4 Pet Grooming Tips

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